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Provasil Brain Enhancement Supplement Is it Safe?

Provasil is a safe supplement which is used in the body with the main aim of enhancing the performance levels and boosting of the brain memory. In its formulation, the manufacturer has ensured that only ingredients which are safe for use in the body are included. This is implying that one could not gain any bad effects of using the supplement if the right direction of use are followed.

The basically natural ingredients in the supplement have long history in different cultures and have not shown any demerits or serious side effects when used. Accordingly, this formulation will ensure enhanced performance of the brain without showing any side effects that are harmful to the body.

Provasil Is The #1 Brain Enhancement Supplement 2018


With the notable boost in the health and functioning of the brain, a number of users of the formula have regarded this as the number one brain enhancement supplement 2018. While some supplements already in the market are declining in their preference levels by the users, this Provasil has climbed up the ladder and landed at the top in 2018 in terms of giving the users better mental support.

Some companies normally make very good supplements in the beginning then when they run out of beneficial ingredients, they start formulating synthetic substances in their formulation which may not be giving any benefits to the body. However, Provasil has been kept in shape and form of its original formulation with some improvements in the ingredients in order to make it top performance in enhancement of brain performance in 2018 globally. The company forecasts that the formula will continue topping the list even in years to come following its noted benefits and real customer testimonials abound.

Premium Quality

The supplement does not only take pride in being the best globally in offering support to the body in terms of brain enhancement but also in the kind of quality it brings to the users. The facility within which the supplement is being formulated is well checked in order to ensure that it is complying with the stipulated qualities which are governing the formulation of such supplements for use across the globe.

The ingredients which have been seen relevant for inclusion in this supplement have also been studied for their individual quality characteristics when consumed in order to ensure that the body safety is not compromised when the user considers using the supplement in the body. This supplement, Provasil, is therefore giving great quality and keeping well observation of such necessary quality.

100 % Natural Ingredients

In order for enhanced support to be noted in the body, the supplement is further made up of naturally sourced ingredients. The beauty of such ingredients is that they pose no negative impact in the body when consumed. This is thus making it easier for people to rely on the formula in enhancing the performance of their brains and face no notable bad effects.

All the included natural ingredients are sourced primarily from plant materials which have been used for hundreds of years in the past to render enhanced concentration levels as well as information recall and memory boost. Therefore, having ingredients which are 100% safe is thus important for effective reliance on the supplement.

Money Back Guarantee

In line with the naturally sourced ingredients which have been incorporated in the formulation of Provasil, there is guarantee that its use in the body shall enhance the performance of the brain. It is guaranteed to elevate the ability of the users to think faster and clearly with better ability to recall information learnt with higher accuracy levels.

Those individuals who for one reason or the other shall have not been satisfied with the supplement may have the opportunity to return it in order to be given refund of their money. The return is supposed to be made within the first 60 days from the day of purchase. When that requirement is observed, the refund shall be processed promptly with no questions asked. The stated 60 days return period is such a long time during which one shall have realized whether the supplement is benefiting the cognitive ability of their brain or not in order to claim for refund.

Made in USA

The Company which is making this supplement is one approved by FDA and the supplement is regarded as a dietary supplement. This Provasil is therefore complying with Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) in order to be used in the body for elevation of mental support.

Both labelling and manufacturing processes of the supplement are following DSHEA in order to make it acceptable and safe for human use. By classifying the supplement as a dietary supplement, FDA does not test nor approve any dietary supplement including Provasil. Nonetheless, the strict manufacturing rules instituted in the USA where the formula is made are closely observed.

Why Provasil is #1 Cognitive Support Supplement?

In cognitive support, Provasil is coming at the top basically drawing from its natural formulation and testified smooth but steady action in rejuvenating the performance of the brain. Its natural ingredients are highly coveted by many users who then regard it as one safe formula for consideration in case of boosting mental health.

The other reason which is making the supplement number one in cognitive support is the safety of the facility within which the formulation is being made and the long list of users who are offering their testimonies regarding the suitability of the supplement in the body. Moreover, there are no side effects that have ever been noted among those resorting to this supplement for boost in mental and cognitive performance and results gained normally last for longer hence better brain performance.

Provasil Ingredients

There are several safe ingredients which have been used in the supplement in order to make the brain gain better health. All the ingredients have a significant contribution to make in the body for overall gain to be realized in the performance of the brain. Some of the ingredients have been shown herein:

Vitamin C – vitamin C is one of the vitamins which is basically contributing to enhanced immunity in the body. It is known to be enhancing the health of the brain all the way from the initial development stages of life. It is beneficial in supporting the betterment of the health of the brain throughout the life of an individual hence included in this Provasil for brain performance boost.

The vitamin supports the brain by enhancing the neurons count with a study revealing better elevation of neurons in guinea pigs that received Vitamin C treatment compared to the placebo groups especially at the hippocampus region of the brain.

That region of the brain is very instrumental when it comes to spatial and new memory creation in the body. In addition to these, the vitamin is having antioxidant properties which may support in in enhancing the capturing of the free radicals as a result of oxidative stress thus supporting protection of the brain. Vitamin C is thus a critical ingredient which is naturally giving support to the body for better brain performance.

Folic Acid – folate in the body may be declining linearly as a function of age. This is implying that the elderly may have little folate in the body which has been linked in some studies to declining brain performance. This realization is warranting the inclusion of folic acid as an ingredient in the supplement in order for elevated brain performance in the body. It is the damage which may be realized in the hippocampus of the brain which is making this ingredient crucial since it has the ability to lower the levels of homocysteine in the brain to reducing damaging effects to hippocampus.

The users shall then have a boosted health of the brain and better memory gain. In a study involving adults of ages ranging between fifty and seventy years, it was shown that the treatment group which consumed folic acid depicted significantly higher levels of results from applied cognitive tests. That indicated the relevance of the ingredient in enhancing the cognitive ability among aged men hence suitability in inclusion in this supplement.

Vitamin B12 – the major source of this vitamin to the body is from assorted food materials including milk, meat and products obtained from poultry products. It has been demonstrated as one of the ingredients which are controlling the hippocampus damaging homocysteine in the brain. It is thus included in order to make the levels better in the body for ultimate support in the brain and realization of elevated health support.

Performance in tasks which are involving thinking as well as reasoning in the body are normally reduced to lower levels if one has less of vitamin B12 in the body hence the need to improve on it. In order to improve the levels of Vitamin B12 in the body, one may need to not only consume food materials which are rich in the supplement but also consider taking a supplement which is very rich in the vitamin in order to have steady supply in the body and better support to the working of the brain.

Biotin – biotin is also one of the Vitamin B groups which is normally obtained from a range of sources. It features in plants and animal products and is suited in enhancing the performance of the brain. It is available in nuts and can also be found in bananas and even liver.

This is crucial in the better functioning of the brain since it is not only giving support to the mental functioning in the body but is helpful for overall central nervous system thus necessitating better functioning of the whole system in terms of neurotransmission and signal processing in the brain and memory boost.

In so doing, the users enhances memory levels, manage to regulate mood and foster elevated cognitive functioning. It is therefore a meaningful natural ingredient which has been carefully suited to enhance the brain functioning with no side effects.

Choline Bitartrate – the choline part of the ingredient is supporting better formation of cell membrane in the body at large. Since the brain is also made up of a large number of individual cells, their membrane obtain support in building by reliance on this ingredient. Therefore with limited content of choline the membranes of the brain cells shall be highly compromised in health and status hence other functions of the brain such as cognitive boost and memory lift may not be easy to realize.

In addition to this, choline has a secondary benefit as a component of acetylcholine which is helping the brain to reach better alertness. This is implying that the users of the supplement shall be able to respond to emergencies and other areas where fast decisions need to be arrived at. Concentration as well as varied kinds of learning may be better realized with the inclusion of this ingredient. Therefore, this is an ingredient which shall be supporting the performance of the brain from enhancing the cell membrane and giving support to the complete central nervous system hence very important in the supplement.

L-Tyrosine – this is held in the body as a building block of the individual proteins. It has been linked with enhanced mental alertness in the body. In other words, those who have higher levels of L-Tyrosine in their body tended to portray better response levels to alerts. This is a very important attribute with respect to emergencies which may come from time to time unexpectedly and require immediate response.

M-Those with this ingredient in adequate quantities in the body shall manage to better respond to such needs. The ingredient is also featuring in the supplement to bring in the benefits of enhancing the reduction of stress levels from the brain. When one is less stressed, the normal and even better functioning in memory gain are enhanced more. Therefore, L-Tyrosine is a crucial and beneficial ingredient in enhancing working process of the Provasil.

N-Acetyl-LCarnitine – oxidative stress in the body may be creating numerous free radicals as a result of metabolism processes and these may be quite damaging to the tender brain cells. Such free radicals are supposed to be captured and get neutralized in order for them to be rendered harmless. In this supplement, N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine ingredient has been included to serve in that capacity.

O-The ingredient has the ability to capture almost all damaging free radicals to give the user better protected brain which is safe and healthy. The ingredient is further breaking the barrier between the blood and brain thus necessitating the effective elevation of the levels of acetylcholine necessary for healthy brain cells and memory boost. A number of memory support systems and cognitive boost in the brain of even aged individuals. The overall long term memory support may also be realized while using the supplement featuring this ingredient.

Bacopa Monnieri – the ingredient is a natural plant extract which for a long time has been incorporated in Indian traditional medicine with the claim of boosting the brain ability to function well and without side effects. Clinical investigations which have been done on this bacopa monnieri indicated that those who receive the supplement in just a matter of twelve weeks had elevated functioning of the brain in terms of process information and leaning.

A second study which involved adults with one group receiving the supplement and other taking placebo had promising results in acquisition and retention of new memories. In considering these benefits of the ingredient in the body, the ingredient is worth including in the supplement for elevation of the memory and brain functioning.

Ginkgo Biloba – the extract from this plant is known for supporting better mental boost and brain functioning boost. It is serving the role of protecting the brain from free radicals which also necessitating better flow of blood to the brain. The regular bathing of the brain with blood is necessary in order to boost supply of both nutrients and oxygen for a boost in brain health.

A number of studies have been conducted on the plant with regards to its effectiveness in lifting the brain health. The supply of blood not only support the supply of oxygen and nutrients but also gives the body better relief from toxic materials and wastes since they get removed to the excretory organs for expulsion from the body.

Phosphatidyleserine – as is the case with choline in the brain cells, this Phosphatidyleserine ingredient is serving a big role in elevating the health of the membrane of the brain cells. It is supporting regulation of synapse in the body and contributes to better action of receptor neurons in the brain. In terms of neurotransmitters, the ingredient is known to enhance their production and health hence enabling better communication and signal transfer all over the body naturally.

More than twelve clinical trials which have been made on the ingredient are all pointing towards its ability to enhance cognitive performance in the body of regular users. Face recognition and memory of contacts may be heightened among the users of this ingredient depicting its suitability in cognitive enhancement. Therefore, the inclusion of this ingredient in the formula is relevant, necessary and desirable.

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L-Glutamine – this ingredient is specifically available in the muscles as well as in the lungs of the body. However, it is also very important component of the brain hence may be necessary to supplement in this supplement which naturally releases it for brain health boost. The body has the natural ability to produce this L-glutamine, however, that does not write off the need to consume it in a supplement since the normal body production levels may decline with time.

M-By realization that long term accumulation of ammonia in the brain may be detrimental, this ingredient is helping to remove ammonia and leave the brain in better health thus attaining improved mental alertness and memory gain. Therefore, by including L-Glutamine in the Provasil the manufacturer is targeting better protection and nourishment of the brain and its cells for overall health by contributing towards both supply of nutrients and oxygen and elimination of wastes from the bran.

Phosphatidylcholine – the relevance of this ingredient in the formula is to give the body enhanced support in levels of acetylcholine which is needed to keep the brain cells in the hippocampus region safe. It has been investigated in the body of college students and shown to offer better support in mental functioning and cognitive ability in the body safely. The impressive effectiveness of the ingredient in the college students showed explicit memory in just one hour and half time post consumption. This is thus a very good ingredients which is serving the body of the users right in boosting the realization of enhanced performance levels.

Panax Ginseng Root – this is known also as Asian Ginseng and with a lot of traditional usage in the Chinese medicine. It has seen usage in enhancement of a number of health benefits in the body for thousands of years in China. Its use in the body has been associated with bog boost in mental alertness as well as functioning hence [referred in every formulation of a brain enhancement formulations including Provasil.

The ingredient has also been studied and shown to boost the abstract thinking among those who consume this natural formula in their diet. In addition to that, this safe natural ingredient mat be enhance the accomplishment of detail-oriented tasks with impeccable accuracy and better speed of reaction. This panax ginseng root extract is therefore a reliable ingredient to have in the formulation of the supplement Provasil to help better brain performance in a natural flawless manner.

Resveratrol - this is a natural ingredient which is primarily found in grapes as well as red wine. For a long time in history people have regarded the ingredient Resveratrol as one which is meant to enhance the health of the heart. However, later realizations have revealed the relevance of this natural ingredients in enhancing the brain performance and cognitive ability.

It is supporting the brain with both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It also enhanced the memory in a study conducted with mice which is a regular modeling animal for corresponding human support. Therefore, the ingredient could be boosting the body health both in the heart and the brain hence suited for inclusion in this formulation.

Docosahexaenoic Acid – the acid is normally known among the users as DHA. It is an omega-3 ingredient which is found in a small number of food materials across the globe. It has been found to be crucial in membranes of the brain which are serving the role of protecting the brain and allowing transport of nutrients and other communications across the membrane to nourish the brain. In case one has a decline in this ingredient in the brain, chances of cognitive performance decline may be heightened. Therefore, it is prudent enough that the formulation of Provasil has featured Docosahexaenoic Acid.

How Provasil contributes in Memory Enhancement?

Being formulated with numerous effective natural ingredients, this supplement is importance a great deal in memory enhancement. To begin with, there is the support which it is granting to the brain cells by contributing to the betterment of the membranes. The improved membrane of the brain cells allows for better movement of oxygen and nutrients from the brain to the supplying vessels.

There is also the elimination of wastes from the brain such as ammonia hence leaving the brain cells in enhanced natural health status. Additionally, the ingredients are making it possible for regeneration of neurons which are the key components of the brain when it comes to signal reception, transfer and interpretation. In addition to these, there is the normal nourishment of the brain cells to boost their health. These are collectively allowing the memory ability and capacity of the brain to get a big enhancement and grant better cognitive ability.

User Testimonials

Great Memory Support
“Since the moment I pulled out the first pill of Provasil and consumed, my brain performance in terms of memory and cognitive ability have skyrocketed in ability. I gained a lot of clarity and could recall up to fine details with ease. I recommend to all my friends!”
-Lenny G., MO

Revived Performance
“It wasn’t easy for me to remember fine details in long mathematical calculations and physical laws. However, when I got this Provasil supplement and consumed for one week, I can now recall a lot of formulae and my performance in mathematics has gone up by over 30%. Grab this and feel the effects!”
-Scott M., CA

Age Revised
“I made use of this Provasil and can’t imagine how what I was forgetting have now come back with clarity in my mind. Despite my advanced age, I can recall almost everything I do with better clarity. My age is no longer a factor in how much I can remember.”
-Jenny Q., GA

Brain Rejuvenation
“I used to forget almost everything quite easily before I got engaged in the use of this formula. Some of the things which were not easy for me to remember included names of my friends and their contacts. When I got hold of Provasil my memory got larger and clearer. Pick it for your boost!”
-Gregory L., MA

Prompt Response
“When I opted to go for this supplement to boost my memory I never knew that it would be delivered timely enough for my use. To my surprise, the manufacturer delivered it quite fast and faster still was the rate it worked in my brain to revive my memory. The company is also offering quick response in case one is stuck at some point while using the supplement for a boost in brain health.”
-Jerry L., NJ

Final Words

The supplement Provasil is featuring all the characteristics which are needed in order for one to have better support in the brain while consuming a supplement. It is made up of naturally sourced ingredients majority of which have been studied in order to quantify their effectiveness in supporting the functioning of the brain when consumed.

Further, it is notable that the supplement is manufactured with experienced individuals who are very concerned about the users of the products which they make hence ensuring that the ingredients are safe to the body and actually contribute to better functioning of the brain in the body.

There are a lot of people who are also putting their testimonials public for the intending users to gain some realization of how the supplement contributed to their health and wellbeing in the body. Accordingly, Provasil is a brain boosting supplement which anyone interested in a better performing brain may consider relying on for safe support.

Where To Buy?

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Provasil Reviews: Does This All-Natural Cognitive Formula Work?

Provasil Review

Provasil is a brain enhancement supplement designed to improve the memory, focus and concentration. This supplement is marketed online through the Provasil's official website. The site is well designed and contains detailed information about Provasil supplement. There are several customer testimonials posted on this site and a FAQ section which answers most of the questions that you may have regarding Provasil. The site also contains a detailed explanation on how Provasil works.

What Does Provasil Claim to do?

The following are claims of Provasil:
  • Prevent brain fog, reduce forgetfulness and improve focus
  • Formulated with nootropics that reverses the effects of aging in a non-stimulating, non-addictive way
  • Formulated with ingredients that enhance the membrane structure of the brain
  • Contain ingredients that neutralize cell damaging free radicals
  • Contain anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory effects keep the brain healthy and active
  • The formula improves mental performance


Provasil Cost

This supplement can be purchased directly from the manufacturer's official website. When you purchase it from the manufacturer's official website, you will have different package options to choose from. These packages come with different prices. Typically, a single bottle of this supplement costs around $49.95. All orders made from the manufacturer's official website come with Super Green Tea package. This is a free gift for purchasing Provasil. There is also a 60-day money back guarantee for any order made.

Key Ingredients in Provasil

  • Phosphatidylserine - Essential for normal neuron structure and brain cell formation
  • Choline Bitartrate - Precursor to the acetylcholine neurotransmitter
  • L-Glutamine, L-Tyrosine and N-Acetyl Carnitine - Amino acids that aid in the building of protein and brain cells, thus improving memory, nervous system and thinking
  • Bacopa Monierri - Studies show that Bacopin can also improve learning and cognitive capabilities.
  • Ginkgo Biloba - This is a natural substance is known to improve blood and oxygen circulation to the brain thus improving memory and cognitive functions
  • DHA - This ingredient is important for the function and healthy structure of the brain. The compound also promotes optimal memory function and nervous system development.
  • Other ingredients include - Asian Ginseng, Resveratrol, Vitamin C, Folic Acid, Vitamin B12 and Biotin

How Does Composition Work?

Provasil is formulated from a blend of amino acids, vitamins and a blend of natural ingredients. Many of these ingredients have undergone independent study and shown to have a significant effect on cognitive performance, mental clarity and memory. Among some of the key ingredients in Provasil are Phosphatidylserine, an essential compound for normal neuron structure and brain cell formation. This substance is also known to deal with the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. There is also Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract, a substance known to improve blood and oxygen circulation to the brain thus improving memory and cognitive functions. There is also DHA, a critical substance that promotes optimal memory function and nervous system development. There is also a group of amino acids such as L-Glutamine, L-Tyrosine and N-Acetyl Carnitine, which aid in the building of protein and brain cells, thus improving memory, nervous system and thinking.

Provasil Advantages

  • Provasil is an all-natural formula
  • The product has a money back guarantee
  • It benefits several areas of cognitive health
  • There are several customer testimonials
  • Free bonus gifts are offered
  • All ingredients are listed and explained in detail

Provasil Disadvantages

  • No clinical tests have been performed on Provasil
  • No independent reviews from customers

Directions to Use

The recommended dosage is 1 to 2 capsules per day preferable with a meal or as recommended by a medical care practitioner. If the conditions are worse during afternoon, the dosage should be taken at that time.

Is Provasil Right For You?

Generally, Provasil is a safe and effective brain enhancement supplement. It seems to have natural ingredients that have been researched on and proven to work without bringing side effects. If you experience any adverse side effects, discontinue use of Provasil and see your healthcare provider immediately.

Provasil Precautions

You will need to take various precautions seriously. If you are pregnant, lactating, suffering from a known medical condition or taking prescription medication, consult your healthcare provider before use. Don't use this product if the seal is broken or tampered with. Keep this product in a cool dry place away from the reach of children.

Customer Reviews

The following are some of the reviews posted on the provasil's official website:

My friend told me about Provasil and how he'd heard it was a natural product that could help improve the memory. I immediately ordered a bottle and am thrilled to report that it's working better than I could have expected...

What appealed to me about Provasil however was the fact that it contains proven ingredients that have been clinically studied. And there is no risk to me as a consumer as the company offers a money back guarantee.


Provided that Provasil brain enhancement supplement is taken as directed by the manufacturer or a healthcare professional, it would appear that it may well have several benefits. This supplement is formulated with right ingredients that work to improve memory and cognitive performance. While Provasil may not be an affordable product on the market, the manufacturer offers a reasonable price and a money back guarantee.